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Contemporary atmosphere, designer clothes and dance floor in Kharkov’s coolest shop

In Kharkov’s latest store, you can feel at once in a gallery, clothing store and on the dance floor. In the space designed by the Balbek Bureau, you can buy neat designer clothes during the day, but in the evening the shop is transformed into a party venue where dancing takes over.

In addition to its own pieces, the Protagoniste Store offers clothing from world brands, all in a place reminiscent of contemporary art galleries, but instead of paintings and installations, it houses clothes, shoes and accessories.

To reach this, the designers organized the space like an amphitheater, with a podium-like stage in the middle. The monochrome interior highlights the texture of the raw materials and the monolithic shapes of the furniture. The latter were obtained from Dutch vintage shops, and the gray, rounded armchair is branded by the Ukrainian Propro.

The unique shelving system for storing clothes was designed together with Roma Horoshylov. The wall shelves are made of bent and perforated stainless steel sheets, into the holes of which special fasteners can be screwed, thus creating a modular system that can be freely rearranged at any time.

Protagoniste Store | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Balbek Bureau | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Roma Horoshylov | Behance

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