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East by MADA_Belgrade | 5 songs and 1 film that’ll get you in the Belgrade mood

Belgrade’s musical symbols, the city’s favorite artist, a song evoking the eighties and a film, or rather an urban comedy in the Belgrade night: today, we recommend songs and a movie. 

This time, Nikola Andonov, Aleksandar Ristović, and Stefan Stojanović, the founders of architecture studio MADA, help us pick up the vibe of Belgrade by recommending their favorite songs and films. 


Đorđe Marjanović: Zvižduk u osam
It’s one of those songs about which you don’t want to find out that it wasn’t the original.

Darkwood Dub: Dorćolac
This is the band that has been around throughout our entire teenage and university years. We put this song as a way to sublimate an homage to a recently dissolved band—we still hope it’s just a hiatus.

Bajaga i Instruktori: Grad
One of the basic songs about Belgrade, a “city where there’s no need for you to be alone”. People also like to say that Bajaga is one of the symbols of Belgrade—that’s why we believe putting (almost) any of his songs on this list would be appropriate.

Vlada Divljan: Moj grad
Everything about this song is pretty sad, but we still enjoy it every time even more. Vlada Divljan is the city’s “favorite boy” and this is just a sample of an amazing mark he has left.

Boban Petrović: Prepad
One of Belgrade’s nightlife pioneers and heroes, Boban’s songs still keep surprising us. This one brings us back to the early eighties, even though we were never there.

MADA even prepared a playlist for this occasion, check it out here!


Even though the movie is portraying a night out, it perfectly depicts an entire generation of guerilla clubbing and inevitable connections of long forgotten friends. We must point out that the three of us have seen it more than twenty times combined.


The projects of the Belgrade-based MADA architecture studio are characterized by attention to detail and argumentative thought, from the conceptual stages to the project delivery. MADA has worked on an array of projects, ranging in scale from the Venice Biennale, the Serbian Pavilion designed for the Milan Expo in 2015 and a memorial park in Kuwait, to a mixed-use complex in Belgrade and a housing block in Užice. In honor of their experiments and ideas, MADA has received several national and international awards.

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