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Eastern European accessory and bag overview | TOP 5

Each bag has its own story. Without over-mystifying this fashion item, we can rightly claim it to be more than a simple accessory. It can be huge or even tiny, aesthetic, practical or even all this at once. One thing is for sure: it is an essential piece that can accompany us everywhere from the supermarket to the workplace, from elegant parties to the greatest adventure of our lives.

CHYLAK | Poland

Each bag has its own story, just like the brands themselves and the people behind the brand. Zofia Chylak’s story is not ordinary. Leaving behind her career as an art historian, she founded CHYLAK, an affordable luxury brand, in 2014. She specialized in the Northern Renaissance, thus fashion history was always close to her, and still inspires her today. Thanks to her sensitive design attitude, which is reflected in each collection, CHYLAK has become an internationally recognized fashion brand and has repositioned its headquarters, Warsaw, in the fashion industry. 

SAGAN Vienna | Austria

A bag achieves its ultimate purpose if it not only fulfills its function, but is also the imprint of the personality of its wearer and owner. We have no easy task if we want to find the pieces closest to us. Croatian Tanja Bradaric and Japanese Taro Ohmae launched their own brand in 2016. Born from crossing cultures, SAGAN Vienna is therefore difficult to describe in one word. Tradition-following, modern, natural, lively and metropolitan: the adjectives are all true to their products, which are hard to describe, as are ourselves and our personalities.

Vengru | Hungary

After witnessing, studying and traveling a lot, Boglárka Szögi-Csomány and Tamás Faragó founded the VENGRU brand, in which the main focus was on uniqueness. With the help of a 3D design program on their website, anyone can put together their dream bag.

Mura Pehnec | Croatia

The story behind the Croatian brand Mura Pehnec is infinitely simple: there is nothing more than a commitment to design, an acceptance and emphasis on uniqueness, and an obsession with natural materials. Mura Pehnec, the brand’s founder, has been passionate about creating ever since she can remember. She still does that today, that is how she puts a smile on people’s faces with her bags.

ABO | Serbia

Playing with traditional styles, the Serbian sisters, Iva and Ana Ljubinkovic, design their shoes and bags by adding a multitude of colors, textures, prints and details. The pieces in their handmade, limited edition collections are timeless and versatile, satisfying all the style needs of the modern woman. With an exceptional blend of creativity and comfort, they design every single bag and shoe, just like a work of art.

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