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An emerging Czech furniture brand to check out

Launched in December 2020, the Czech family design company Space of Space redefines the meaning of metal as a raw material. Their curved mental furniture is treated with powder-coating that softens the cool feel of the material while giving it a natural touch. The result is objects that fit perfectly into the everyday living spaces with a timeless design evoking the nostalgia of retro sci-fi movies.

Jakub Klimes studied architecture in London and returned to his hometown of Prague a few years later, where he and his economist brother, Martin, launched the brand Space of Space. The brand which debuted last December is closely connected to their parents’ powder-coating business where Martin is still active while building their own business. Thus, design and production are carried out in an organic process within the family.

“It always has been one of our visions for the brand to work and to build on our parents’ company and expand what our parents have created and perhaps push it further in a new and undiscovered direction. We aim to bring this process closer to people and metal closer to interior space.”

“The idea behind the name Space of Space–furniture for everyday space comes from the space of everyday living, in a sense that true space means home. This can be for someone a home, for others their workspace where they feel like at home.” says Jakub.

Four product types are currently available in different sizes, colors, and for different functions. The Jupiter table made of a three millimeters thick curved steel plate became their trademark, the design of which has been used to create the Saturn 01 tray, where the curved part becomes a handle. For the Saturn 02 and Saturn 03 sackable file trays, the curvature has been reversed to keep objects from falling. They are now working on the development of new prototypes with the idea of combining existing products in different sets.

“The idea of naming the products after plantes and space objects came from my brother Martin, my business partner, who at one point realized that space doesn’t only mean living space in English but also the universe. We mutually decided to take this playful aspect of the brand and build on it in terms of brand design, our logo briefly refers to the first depiction of Saturn by Galileo Galilei in the 16th century, hence our products started to gain names after planetes.” Jakub adds. 

The photo shooting took place in a special atmosphere in the Dům Radost, a functionalist-style building in Prague, which was the tallest building in the city in the 1930s, at the time of its building. “The space where the photoshoot took place has a beautiful warm wooden cladding which we felt fitted perfectly with our concept of focusing on materials that have long-lasting value.

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