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Everyday food in a luxurious setting—this is what a steak kitchen and butcher shop looks like, transformed from a bank

The Ambiente restaurant experts from Prague saw the location of their next project in a 19th century bank: a steak kitchen connected to a butcher shop. The interior of the Kantýna restaurant was transformed by the Rudolf Netík architectural studio. 

In fact, Kantýna can be divided into three main sections, as the butcher shop also has a cafeteria, which is not the same as the restaurant. The different parts promote a variety of dining options in a luxurious environment, but also in the form of everyday meals. 

The decorative elements of the former bank were preserved, so the rooms are decorated with statues of the Czech artist Jan Štursa, as well as original frescoes and marble claddings. In addition to the classic elements, a contemporary interior style was envisioned, for which the Rudolf Netík architectural studio designed unique, refined furniture and lights. The simple, geometric logo of Kantýna is a recurring motif, which depicts a bone, thus it reinforces the visual identity of the restaurant. A special feature of the steak kitchen is that the chef himself serves the delicacies prepared in the open kitchen.

Photos: Filip Šlapal

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