Ukrainian designers we won’t let out of sight V.

Ukrainian designers we won’t let out of sight V.

The Ukrainian fashion industry forms a bridge with the rest of the world and strengthens the creative culture of the country. In the fifth part of Ukrainian designers we won’t let out of sight series, we present brands with innovative visions that prioritize sustainability principles.

In the editorial team of Hype&Hyper, we follow a lot of talented Ukrainian designers, artists and brands with unique visions, and we have always tried to give them a platform to showcase their work. In light of the current situation, we feel it’s important not to lose sight of them and support them as much as possible! In our newly launched series, we’ve gathered together these characters and brands that are dear to us.


Fifteen years of experience in optics and the development of a unique technology brought the Kyiv brand Ochis to life. Maxim Gavrilenko started experimenting with coffee grounds in 2018, and after more than a hundred pressed coffee grounds he managed to perfect this raw material. Thus creating the world’s first sustainable coffee-based eyewear brand. The final result is a flexible, matte finish with lightweight frames that can be easily adjusted to the shape of the face. And the durability is ensured by metal threads in the temples so that they do not break. The Ochis models are also waterproof and can be composted.

“Ochis is a Ukrainian company. We invented the world’s first coffee-based eyewear here, and we continue to make it here in Kyiv. Ukrainian people and nature inspire us to continue doing what we love and believe in every single day,” they said on the brand’s Instagram page at the beginning of the Ukrainian-Russian war.

Photos: Ochis


The Norba sportswear brand was noted in connection with the Orchidea Agency studio, also based in Kyiv, which was responsible for the identity of the brand. The special feature of the collections in the repertoire is that they can be worn not only as comfortable sportswear, but also at any time of the day and on different occasions. The aim of the founding siblings is to create clothes that fit all body types flawlessly and to make their wearers feel comfortable in their own skin. The natural Norba models with minimalist lines are all made of environmentally friendly materials.

Norba is a proud Ukrainian brand, and we ask our customers around the globe to raise their voices with us. Share information from verified sources, spread the word or donate to charities supporting the Ukrainian army, hospitals, children. Any action matters and could save lives. Stay safe, we will do our best to do so as well,” they write on Norba’s social media platforms.

Photos: NORBA


The history of the shoe brand started in 2019 when Alexander Vernik and Shushan Pambukhchyan wanted to create footwear that was not only stylish but also healthy to wear and sustainable to make. The somewhat futuristic shoes are inspired by Japanese culture, its sensitive life philosophy and spiritual values. Italian-tanned, chrome-free leather is used for production and recycled materials for the sole of the footwear. They also focus on sustainable packaging and transport. In addition to eco-friendly solutions, SINOBI shoes provide balanced and accurate weight distribution, comfort and stability at every step.

Dear SINOBI Friends, our whole team and brand are in Ukraine. Ukraine is in need of your support. We hope for the best,” they tell their followers on the brand’s Instagram page.

Photos: Hypebae, Highxtar

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Norba | Web | Facebook | Instagram
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