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Everyday objects, intimate moments by the Czech Křehký

Teapots, cups, vases and plates. An infinitely simple system of everyday objects. We use them so often that we tend to completely overlook their aesthetic appearance. Yet a carefully made, individually designed porcelain or glass object can bring color to the greyness of everyday life. Meet the Křehký brand and gallery!

The brand was founded by Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek in 2010 with the aim of continuing the centuries-old traditions of Czech arts and crafts. Their main goal is to create objects with the help of Křehký that make even the most mundane moments an experience. They work with the world’s leading designers with a single assignment: they need to create a product that they themselves would love to give as a gift, and that would create joy even in their own homes.

Today, the name Křehký covers not only a well-known brand but also a gallery. In its nature and principle of operation, it follows the method of internationally known contemporary art galleries. They mainly work with a limited number of publications, pilot projects, prototypes, but also exclusive mass-produced products that reflect originality and character one by one. Through the Křehký Gallery—in the curatorial selection of the founding duo—we can learn about the extremely personal and intimate relationship between contemporary art and design, and between home and objects, through exhibitions and Křehký’s own collections of objects.

As part of the Křehký Edition, limited object collections are created by the most excellent designers. The products are made exclusively in Czech porcelain and glass factories or by masters with the utmost skill and attention.

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