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Fairytale castles | TOP 5

The most spectacular monuments of Central Europe’s extremely rich historical heritage are the towers and castles that proclaim the creative power of their predecessors in film-like locations. In our selection today, we have brought you five of our favorites.

Castle of Visegrád | Hungary

Our list starts with the Visegrád Citadel with its unbeatable panorama. The castle rises above the landscape as the jewel of the Danube Bend, further proclaiming the rich historical monuments and the perfect choice of sites by the contemporary architects.

Photos: György Neszveda | csodásmagyarország.hu

Bojnice Castle | Slovakia

The Bojnice Castle, which is currently one of the most visited historical monuments in Central Europe, stands out from the steep landscape as a real fairytale castle: it is easy to understand why.

Photos: mustseespots.com | easydaytrip.com

Karlštejn Castle | Czech Republic

The second place in the fairytale castle category is Karlštejn Castle in the Czech Republic. With its rich historical past and fairytale appearance, it is a must-see destination, especially being less than an hour’s drive from Prague.

Photos: commons.wikimedia.org

Corvin Castle | Romania

The Corvin Castle, also known as the king of castles, played a decisive role in Hungarian history, so much so that a scaled-down copy of it was built in the City Park in Budapest at the beginning of the 20th century.

Photos: castelulcorvinilor.ro | commons.wikimedia.org

Niedzica Castle | Poland

Today’s list closes with Niedzica Castle in the southern tip of Poland. Although it lags behind the previous four castles in size and historical significance, the fairytale location and view compensate for everything.

Photos: commons.wikimedia.org | crazycopter.pl

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