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From a stable to a minimalist space | The story of a creative duo’s kitchen

FRØPT has already attracted our attention: the Polish online brand offers, among other things, furniture fronts and individual products, while also participating in extraordinary collaborations. The founders of the brand, Magda Milejska and Kasia Kurowska-Loedl, can now see their unique furniture fronts in the minimalist kitchen of a couple working in the creative industry. 

Kathrin and Bernhard Schluga settled in Austria, embracing the Carinthian mountains, returning from Berlin to their home at the beginning of the pandemic. In their I-am-Escape project, they dreamed up a self-sufficient and sustainable place where nature helps them relax, focus and, not least, get inspired.

Our vision is to create a place where locality meets internationality, to experience the best of both worlds; where traditional rural and modern urban lifestyles can co-exist, as well as inspire and learn from each other. We have the value of being in tune with the rhythms of nature—the seasons, the sunrise and sunset, weather patterns, the cycles of plants and animals, and also our own,” explain Kathrin and Bernhard, who chose one of the oldest buildings in the quiet area.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the space functioned as a stable with a special atmosphere, and now provided a great basis for the realization of their idea, so the owners kept the main structure of the building, but also opened it. It was an important aspect that the building should be converted with as few changes as possible.

The couple planned everything for themselves from the beginning, but based on a concept rather than a final plan. The kitchen is considered to be a key room, so it was designed in the middle of the building, without top cabinets, while maintaining the simplicity of the space. When designing the fronts of the cabinets, they chose the offer of FRØPT, more precisely the American walnut in the Stripe model from the Norwegian Wood collection. “As it happens, we introduced this collection 3 years ago, and wood has been very popular ever since. I think it is the need to bring nature into the home that helps to achieve peace and harmony,” says Kasia, one of the founders of FRØPT.

“FRØPT is not a design studio. We are an online brand and our main goal is to redefine the process of buying kitchens and wardrobes. FRØPT is an online store where customers have access to our selected design via the website. This means that the entire process of ordering by the customer can be carried out completely independently via our website. Our offer, both in terms of the product and the ordering process itself, is dedicated to conscious customers who know their needs and value online shopping. Our clients are people who value our design and want to achieve an effect consistent with our beliefs in an easy and modern way. Kathrin and Bernhard were exactly such customers,” Kasia tells us. “We knew that their entire home project would be spectacular because they contacted our customer service at the stage of ordering the fronts. Hence our later decision to visit them in St Salvador and learn the details of the entire project during the photo shoot,” she added.

One of the special features of the project is that FRØPT did not adapt the furniture front to the IKEA system this time, but to a base made by a local carpenter. “At the moment our offer is based on offering customers the possibility of ordering fronts tailored to IKEA furniture systems. This means that thanks to our fronts and masking panels, the customer can build an IKEA kitchen that will match a custom-made kitchen. At the same time, we also make fronts for customers who have cabinet bodies from other manufacturers, or, as in the case of Kathrin and Bernhard, have decided to make their base with a carpenter. I think I can reveal that in the future we will probably want to do the whole kitchen.,” Kasia tells us. And we look forward to the sequel!

Photos: Tomo Yarmush

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