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Greek mythology inspired next year’s Burning Man attraction

The temple of the Burning Man festival is an iconic symbol that is burned each year in the Nevada desert to mark the end of the event. Take a look at next year’s temple!

The building, called Holon Temple, was designed by Fernando Romero Enterprise, an architectural firm based in New York and Mexico City. In the heart of the building there is an altar-like object that reflects the exterior of the church, while visitors can sit on the steps at the bottom of the side walls and relax or even meditate. The name of the temple comes from the Greek word holon, which means both a whole in itself and a part of something.

According to the office, the temple can be seen as a nested system on the plans. Every entity from the subatomic particle to the universe can be seen as a holon: they want to represent the temple as a multiverse, a group of interconnected universes, i. e. as a holon. As with the grid of latitudinal and longitudinal lines of the globes, the Holon Temple is built on 48 latitudinal beams and 34 longitudinal wooden beams. On the eighth day of the festival, the altar or the entire structure will be put on fire, as happens every year in the Black Rock Desert as part of the festival.

Source: Yanko Design

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