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From fresh quality fish to a nicely set table | Piqniq pack—Part 6

Which serving utensils should we buy if we want to set the table tastefully at home? What does a catering business need to do to keep its guests happy in both the physical and online space? Have our fish consumption habits changed, and if so, in what ways? What are the first steps in running a sustainable kitchen on a day-to-day basis? Here’s the latest Piqniq Pack to find out!

VIDEO: Fish on the menu—This is how eating habits have changed!

Fish consumption patterns in Hungary have also changed in recent years, with a growing demand for quality, fresh ingredients. Although there has been no significant increase in the quantities consumed, there is a growing demand for more specialty fish products that were not used before. Both the trade and the catering sector need to adapt to this changing demand.

Péter Palotás, the owner of the Budaörsi Halpiac, gives his thoughts on current fish trends and directions.

VIDEO: Setting the mood with table decor—serving tips from Kata Filep

Kata Filep has been working with food and prop styling for ten years. An important part of her work is to present food in the most beautiful way possible and to create an atmosphere with different tools and props. Kata gives tips on how to choose serving utensils for your home and what other aspects to consider for your table setting besides functionality.

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PATRON: How to use digital and physical platforms in your gastronomy business? Workshop with Fruccola on the “phygital” guest experience of the future

Online and offline can no longer be separated. We are constantly present in the digital space. Fruccola has always been a trendsetter in the gastronomy market, and they design their development in response to the challenges of the future. That’s how Fruccola Bird hot food vending machines and related proprietary apps were born.

What are the future digital challenges for gastronomy businesses? How can online and offline catering be well coordinated? In a 90-minute workshop, Petra Saás and Péter Tausz, owners of Fruccola, will give 20 participants an insight into what to focus on in the coming years in gastronomy.

HOW-TO: The principles of a sustainable kitchen with Zsófi Böröcz

Stop just picking the perfect product off the shelf! Zsófi Böröcz gives tips on how to do more to make your home kitchen as sustainable as possible. The more steps we can build into our daily routine, the better, but it’s important not to lose enthusiasm and motivation after a few mistakes.

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Video: Piqniq Budapest—Gergő Sepsi

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