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Hundreds of mentees get free gastronomic knowledge | Piqniq 2.0 is launched

After the success of the Piqniq Budapest and Mastercard 2020 Learn, improve!—Big picture of gastronomy campaign, Piqniq 2.0 was born, with an emphasis on sharing knowledge and experience.

The campaign targets both professionals and those who have a higher level of interest in gastronomy with their content, including videos, podcast series, reports and knowledge collections, and as a new element, the Piqniq patron mentoring program will also be launched.

Piqniq aims to create a community of active gastronomy based on knowledge sharing. All Piqniq Patrons, who are recognized professionals in their field, contribute to the “collective,” be it individual mentoring, workshops or visits, and then members of the piqniq community who want to learn and improve can apply for these offers by sending a motivation letter.

The list of Patrons is constantly expanding, but you can already apply for the following at piqniq.hu/piqniq-pro/:

– Locality and closeness to nature on Salt’s wine list—Wine tasting and talking with Máté Boldizsár, the manager of the Salt restaurant. Candidates can learn how to put together a wine list for a Michelin-starred place and get an idea of how sustainability can be considered as an aspect when designing a restaurant’s menu.

– Retention, motivation, fluctuation, burnout—Communication workshop for livable workplaces led by coach, Csilla Csatlós. The business coach with expertise in burnout will help you recognize the symptoms of the phenomenon and provide practical tips on how to combat it.

– Employer branding—Workshop with the director of Dreher HR and corporate relations. Candidates can find out why employer branding is important and take part in a visit to the Dreher museum and factory.

– How to start your blog on gastronomy?—Workshop with the well-known gastronomy blogger of Hungary, Dávid Kárai.

– A confectionery workshop and half-year mentoring offered to the Piqniq community by Kinga Szász, founder of Chochou. Participants can learn how to get from the oven at home to their own patisserie and get an idea of what’s under the icing.

– How to keep your employees?—Executive motivational lecture and factory visit from Eisberg. Participants can gain knowledge on how to motivate employees and avoid high fluctuation.

– How to start your own gastronomic business?—Shop opening workshop through the eyes of Sziszi, the owner of Grumpy. Mentees can get tips on how to develop a new business concept and get an idea of the processes involved.

– Everything about Hungarian rice—Cooking show and workshop on the past of Hungarian rice and its possibilities with Fruzsina Valentinyi, the head of Valoryz and chef Péter Várvizi.

– Environmentally conscious hygiene in catering—Workshop and factory visit to the Cleaneco plant with owner András Juhász. Applicants for the program can receive tips on how to green their own business step by step.

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