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Hungary’s largest and most modern boulder hall opened

Operating on the top floor of Mammut I since 2018, Gravity Boulder Bar has undergone a major expansion and complete renovation in recent months enlarged to two floors with the opening of a completely new floor.

From January, the 450-square-meter gym will have 1,300 square meters of floor space and a number of new features (including a 100-square-meter training gallery, Ninja track, a wellness area with a 16-seat Finnish sauna and an expanded bar).

Indoor bouldering is a form of rock climbing that has its roots in wall climbing and has become increasingly popular in recent years in our country. It develops muscle tone, stamina and concentration, and because of the core-activating movements, it is often recommended for people with spine and back problems.

The new Gravity Boulder Bar can now accommodate up to 240 people, and the Ninja course is open to families and children from the age of eight.

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