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Inspiration from an unexpected source: fashion dictator NBA players

At this time of year, you’d think that you’d have to keep your eyes on the catwalks of the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris to keep up with the latest trends and collections. However, following the amazing style of NBA players can be even more inspiring!

We are not joking, it’s really about basketball players who prove that beyond the court—or more precisely, beyond the jerseys and basketball shoes—there is life. And style! All thanks to the @leaguefits Instagram account, where the “streetwear” of the world’s most famous basketball players is featured daily. The latter is worth putting in quotes because, while it’s true that not everyone necessarily wanders the streets in these outfits, but—like red carpets or catwalks—in order to get ideas for an exciting combination or a specific piece of clothing, it can be good too. But, don’t think that NBA stars are not only scrutinized for their talent and achievements, but also for their sense of style before a team signs them… of course, they are always assisted by stylists and designers to keep their looks a hot topic to talk about.

Cover piturec: GQ

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