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Jewelry box from the Czech Republic | Bohemian Switzerland National Park

On the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, in the Elbe Valley, lies one of the most spectacular pairs of parks in Europe, the German Saxon Switzerland National Park and its twin, the Czech Switzerland National Park. They got their name from the eighteenth-century Swiss painters who came here, who likened the enchanting landscape to their home. They were not mistaken, as the area still impresses tourists with its largely untouched, romantic landscapes and rich sights. Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful treasures of Bohemian Switzerland!

With its pleasant riverbank and old, timber-framed houses resting on rock walls, the charming town of Hřensko is often referred to as the capital of Bohemian Switzerland. The hiking trail from the village winds along the Kamenice River between steep sandstones and huge pine trees. The romantic valleys of the picturesque gorge can be reached by boat.

The symbol of the park is the Pravčická brána, the largest rock gate in Central Europe. Right next door is the charming nineteenth-century oak castle, the Sokolí hnízdo (falcon’s nest) restaurant and museum.

The romantic remains of the Dolský medieval mill are worth seeing, just like the amazing stone labyrinth of Tisa Rocks, the Maria observation tower, which originally functioned as a fire tower, and the beautiful panorama of the Rudolf Stone, which rises a few kilometers away.

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