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Lace creations and other wonderful lingerie from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

An almost invisible, yet extremely important accessory can be a pretty lingerie. There is an overwhelming force in the fineness of the materials, the endless variation of styles, colors and patterns. From the harmony or even disharmony of comfort and aesthetics, wonderful creations can be born. From our selection today, you can get to know our favorites from the beautiful and special lingerie brands of Eastern Europe.

Le Petit Trou | Poland

Fortune favors the brave, as we know the well-known saying, and it was no different with Zuzanna Kuczyńska of Polish descent. Zuzanna dreamed big and in 2014 she founded her own lingerie brand, the Le Petit Trout. With the support of her family and friends, she began designing pieces exclusively for women, which were then almost completely missing from the Polish market. Not only her supporters, but also her first, since then loyal customers, came from her group of female friends. Initially specializing in lingerie, the product range has now expanded to include swimwear, dresses, loungewear and shoes.

SKINY Bodywear | Austria

Fresh, comfortable and simple: just a few attributives to characterize the Austrian brand SKINY Bodywear. The pieces of SKINY function as a second layer of skin. Their products are designed to make their wearer feel confident and sexy with maximum comfort. And most of all, to dare to be themselves, to undress the outer layers, both literally and figuratively.

FRKS Lingerie | Hungary

White rabbits, red foxes, jellyfish and tigers: these are not everyday motifs when it comes to lingerie. The designer of the extravagant Hungarian brand, Zsófia Farkas, is not afraid of mixing different styles, which is why she has such special products. In the pieces of the collections, which appeal with strong colors, playful decorations, delicate materials and surprising styles, we can feel wildly beautiful even when worn under a restrained set.

Damsel in distress | Serbia

Fashion designer Olga Marković is the creator of the Belgrade lingerie brand: she revolves around traditional and modern concepts of sexuality and translates her own vision and ideas into the pieces of Damsel in distress.

MilaKrasna | Slovenia

The pieces of MilaKrasna spread beauty and sophistication, while their wearers radiate strength and energy in their every move. The products of the emerging Slovenian brand include bodysuits and pole wear pieces, which are made of quality materials with the utmost technical perfection and attention. The brand is influenced by ballet-inspired dance aesthetics, highlighting in a unique and boho way the power inherent in women’s sports through the female sex appeal. They represent what it’s like when the allure of seduction is seen in technical sportswear.

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