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Marine litter recycled on beaches

The Dutch design studio, The New Raw, has come up with a limited edition collection: beach furniture made from marine plastic waste using 3D technology, for the comfort of holidaymakers and the health of the waters. The trash fished out of the sea does not even have to be taken far; it is given a new function right on the beach!

The two chief architects of the studio, Panos Sakkas and Foteini Setaki, aim to breathe a new life into the discarded materials with the help of design, technology, and craft techniques. Dubbed “The Elements”, the furniture is made from 80% recycled marine plastic and is 100% recyclable. During the manufacturing process, they have already saved marine life from no less than 720 kg of plastic waste.

The batch of furniture consists of three different products, a changing room, a rug, and a sunbed, available in two colors, shades of sand and water green. The design is inspired by the shapes and forms of marine life, shells, and waves. The 3D-coded textures are not only decorative but also functional. During the design process, special attention was paid to minimize printing and assembly time. 

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