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Moss inspired Pavel Vetrov’s new furniture collection

The latest furniture collection by Ukrainian designer Pavel Vetrov for the Russian furniture company Artu is inspired by moss surfaces.

The Moss furniture collection is dominated by rounding: no sharp corners, the sculpture-like shapes draw curved silhouettes. According to the designer, his main inspiration was the look of moss, a soft, green blanket that covers the stones and tree trunks, enveloping them. The connection of the backrest to the seating area evokes this gesture, while the texture of the upholstery is reminiscent of the surface of the moss.

The collection includes single, double and triple armchairs and sofas. Vetrov aimed to design furniture that is comforting to look at. The sofas are available in a range of colors from muted beige to bright blue. This is not the designer’s first nature-inspired work—he drew inspiration from the shapes of bamboo trees when designing his Bamboo collection, which debuted in 2020.

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