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NUBU launches its new sub-brand with the invovement of people with autism

A unique fashion collection, whose graphics are created by a young person with autism, is being launched under the brand name A®TYPICAL Nude by Nubu.

Judit Garam, owner of the internationally renowned fashion brand Nubu, founded in 2007, has created a new brand together with Tímea Buday Kollárik, and their items are now available in the webshop and in Nubu stores. Made in Hungary from sustainable materials, the clothes feature graphics created by young artists with autism. Launched on the occasion of World Autism Day, the A®TYPICAL NUDE BY NUBU brand’s message is to present the creative world of autism and to promote acceptance and understanding of each other.

The graphics of the first collection were created by Bence Buday, a 16-year-old high school student with autism. As he learned to speak quite late, Bence has always expresed his emotions through his drawings.

Several celebrities have also joined the new brand as ambassadors, such as Attila Árpa, Krisztina Bombera, Panni Epres, Róbert Kárász, Linda Király, Adél Kováts with her daughter, Rozi, Lili Rókusfalvy, Márk ‘Saiid’ Süveg, Luca Stohl, Claudia Liptai, Ádám Pataki and many more.

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