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Pop-up bar in an abandoned Russian castle | THIRD PLACE

The castle in the center of St. Petersburg is being reconstructed by the architectural studio Da Bureau. The young Russian designer team saw an opportunity in its pleasant inner courtyard, so they decided to open the space for the local community during the renovation process. This is how the one-of-a-kind bar and restaurant THIRD PLACE was born.

The castle was originally home to Russian nobles and was later converted into a railway museum in the Soviet era. During the past 15 years, it stood uninhabited.

The goal of Da Bureau is to preserve the architectural values and authenticity of the place, while making it more lively and relevant with modern elements. The temporary restaurant and bar contributes to this experience as well: the space picks up layers of contemporary connotations as a new center for friendly gatherings.

The facades waiting to be restored create an atmosphere reminiscent of ancient ruins. The reflective foil curtains provide a stark contrast to this, which, in addition to the industrial vibe of architectural renovations, also carry the aesthetics of summer festivals.

Since the highlights of the menu are oyster dishes, Aquitaine, the northern French region considered to be home of oysters, has also played a key role in inspiring the interior. The white sand-covered floor and reed decorations brought from the Gulf of Finland make the historic solemnity and rustic look of the courtyard more easygoing and cozy.

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