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Post-Covid optimism in a summer collection | Kamay Ko

The Budapest-based Kamay Ko brand has debuted their summer collection dubbed It’s Fine. Designs that pair well with each other, natural materials, soothing pastels and special collaborations were born in the spirit of livable sustainability. We talked to the founder of the brand at the collection’s Launch Party.

Designer Noémi Sziládi and her partner, Viktor Eichner introduced Kamay Ko defined as an environmentally conscious brand for honest, unusual and magnificent people to the audience in January this year. The collection dubbed It’s Fine offers a true summer refreshment, embodying an optimist restart after a difficult period. The campaign photos boasting an aethereal vibe shot in front of the buildings of Paradigma Ariadné in Sándorfalva were made by Matti Varga.  

In the course of designing the collection, special attention was paid to make sure that the pieces made in limited quantities are a great fit for all beautiful women shapes and forms, as well as to make sure that all pieces could be combined well with each other and the customers’ existing wardrobes. The tunics, kimonos, loose-fitted trousers, dresses and T-shirts were all fitted with contrasted embroideries, which sneak some joy into the sophisticated looks. One of the most fascinating developments is the colorful bag made of 100% recycled plastic bags, which can be worn both as a belt bag and as a shoulder bag.

The collection also entails exciting collaborations. The designers implemented a silver jewelry collection with jewelry designer Sapi Szilágyi a.k.a. SAPI, once again featuring the “it’s fine” hand gesture, and naturally-dyed scarfs were created in collaboration with Sára Hajgató, the designer of Botanika. On these, pigments of cochineals were used to get the purple hues.

Nail art continues to be an important part of the brand’s portfolio: Noémi creates compositions inspired by the brand’s visuality. “As in addition to leather design, I also graduated from university as a pattern designer, it has always been part of my mindset to think in patterns. While a pattern displayed on a bag or a product is a longer commitment, nails are exciting surfaces because one can create temporary artwork on them, sort of brief joys,” Noémi shared with us. Of course, all this is also related to the brand’s name, Kamay Ko, which means my hand in Filipino.

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