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Private capsule hotel on a tree trunk | Tree Trailer

We present to you a device that can easily be attached to a bicycle and then mounted to the trunk of a tree: we could call it a tent or a living capsule, or perhaps a minimal caravan, but let the pictures talk for themselves! 

Designed by Design Academy Eindhoven student Henry K. Wein, the ‘Tree Tailer’ is essentially a private capsule hotel on wheels. Pulled by a bicycle or a motorbike to a conveniently strong tree at one’s destination in nature, the capsule then can be strapped to a suitably thick branch. Built entirely from recycled material with a glass roof, the capsule provides shelter for a single person, yet it is subject to further development by Henry. Nomad accommodations rarely seem as attractive as the Tree Trailer!

Henry K. Wein | Web

Source: Yanko Design

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