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Manage your kitchen consciously and become a master of table design! | Piqniq pack—Part 5

How does a long-established brewery build its corporate reputation and employer brand? What tactics should a catering company follow to keep their colleagues? And if you want to be more conscious in your kitchen at home, plan your menu and opt for seasonal ingredients. Speaking of seasonality: do not just choose the ingredients according to the season, but also the tableware and accessories! Top tips and valuable advice in the latest episode of the Piqniq pack!

VIDEO: Sustainable Household: Conscious kitchen management in everyday life with Zsófi Böröcz

Small steps lead to mindful consumption, and a few minor efforts can soon become part of your daily routine. Sustainable cooking starts with shopping: it’s important to plan your menu, make a shopping list and focus on seasonal ingredients. Zsófi Böröcz gives tips on using what is considered food waste to make simple meals instead of ending up in the trash.

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PATRONS: Employer branding with Dreher: with 170 years of experience

Employer branding is now a key element of successful business management. Employee knowledge is a measurable asset to a business, but it is not enough to attract good employees; you need to keep them.

Dreher can look back on 170 years of history, and over that time, they have invested a great deal of energy in building both their operating culture and employer brand to ensure that they are not “just a” workplace but a community worth belonging to.

Éva Kreiter, HR Director at Dreher Breweries and Ibolya Szabó, Head of Corporate Relations at Dreher Breweries, talks in a workshop for 15 people about the importance of building a corporate reputation and an employer brand and how to effectively communicate the image of an attractive workplace to prospective and existing employees. The workshop will be topped off with a visit to the Dreher museum and factory.

How to keep your employees? Leadership motivational lecture from Eisberg, topped with a factory visit

Employee turnover is becoming increasingly depressing for managers and it is difficult to find new professionals in a slack labor market. So instead of spending your days drafting job ads, it’s time to adopt a new tactic: keep your employees!

– How to motivate your employees?
– How can you achieve low turnover?
– What is the lean process improvement methodology? What results can it deliver?
– What makes a think tank work?
– What are the responsibilities of managers?

What can we learn from Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, the explorer Shackleton, Major General Tamás Sándor, or the maestro Iván Fischer?

Zoltán Gazsi, CEO, will answer these questions in his motivational presentation for the executives of the 20 selected companies. During the round table discussion, he will present the methodologies that Eisberg applies, resulting in the high quality of ready-to-cook salads despite the increasingly hectic weather. The presentation will be crowned by an exciting trip to Eisberg’s factory in Gyál.

One thing is for sure: the audit results of over 95% year after year are strongly correlated with employee engagement figures approaching 85%.

HOW-TO: Table design principles—6 tips for stylish table settings at home

It’s not just the company that makes the food taste better: dining pleasures are just as much enhanced when enjoyed with aesthetic presentation and atmospheric lighting. With the tips of food stylist Kata Filep, you can easily harmonize your table settings at home. Get familiar with the table design principles!

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