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Rundown school building turned into an idyllic guest house in the Czech Republic

In the Southeastern part of the Czech Republic, among the picturesque hills of Vysočina region, just an hour drive away from Brno lies the small village of Javorek, with a population of no more than 100. The sloping landscape, the fabulous setting and the proximity to nature immediately appealed to David Karásek, who is familiar with the Czech design and architecture scene and was looking for a holiday home for his family in the village. The head of the urban furniture design studio mmcité is a designer himself, and his wife Ilona is editor-in-chief of the wedding magazine Mile. The creative couple decided to buy a rundown school building, and after years of hard work, they turned it into a cozy guest house.

The first phase of the extensive renovation was led by architect Tomáš Beránek, while the interior is the work of Adéla Lipár Kudrnová, whose intention was to fulfill all the owners’ wishes. The unique design mixes bold patterns and bright colors with elements that evoke the original function of the building. Choosing and sourcing furniture was not an easy task either, as almost exclusively unique designer pieces complete the intimate atmosphere of the rooms. Special plates have been hung on the walls, where visitors can admire illustrations by the famous graphic artist Sylvia Luběnová.  

During the reconstruction of the institution, the attic was divided into several parts, so that the upper floor could accommodate up to ten guests. This solution also seemed to be perfect to avoid heating problems, as it is quicker and more cost-effective to heat the smaller units in winter rather than having a single space. It was also necessary to revitalize the neglected garden, where, in addition to beautiful flower beds and lush greenery, there are also a swimming pool and a porch of unrivaled beauty, where the furniture of the mmcité provides maximum comfort for an idyllic outdoor barbecue.

Photos: Filip Šlapal

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