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Rustic atmosphere and rising alcohol levels | YOD Group x MAD Bars House

One building, six levels and five bars—the MAD Bars House, designed by the YOD Group, was inspired by local culture and craft traditions. A place where you walk higher, the stronger the alcohol content of the drinks is.

In the historical center of Lviv, an old factory building was converted: there are different bars or restaurants on each level. In the building of the late shoe factory, brick walls were left in place and excavated, hangers were made from the shoe trees left there, and the railings were covered with leather, thus paying homage to the place’s past. Each venue welcomes a different interior, but with the neutral colors, natural materials and rustic yet sophisticated style of each level, they form a unified image.

In the staircase, mosaic drawings show what percentage of alcohol is typical at a given level. On the first floor we start from a pub, from here we can discover wines and delicious food, until we finally reach a cozy bar on the top level, where we can taste special cocktails and local alcoholic specialties. Of course, there is also an elevator for those who immediately want something strong.

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Source: Archdaily

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