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Special handicrafts in an unusual environment | VALAMI Hazai

In the eighth district of Budapest, at 14 Práter Street, we can find a really exciting concept: on one side of the gate is the VALAMI Produktív All-Arts Workshop, and on the other the VALAMI Hazai Fine and Applied Art Design Store selling design objects. In this not-so-ordinary environment, which provides space for Hungarian artists, handicraft products made by the creators of VUUV Works can already be purchased!

The workshop, which has been in operation since 2013, has grown into a full-fledged business over the years, offering fine arts projects, education, creative services and product manufacturing. One of the main goals of the company is to make the vanishing methods, the classic techniques of reproduction graphics, and the various methods of analog photography better known not only in the artistic community, but also to a wider audience. The other focal point of the base, which provides space for many workshops and courses, is undoubtedly the shop, which originally started from an online webshop, offering ceramics, toys, records, prints, home decoration accessories and a wide range of other handicraft products. The idea of ​​conscious shopping has always been the main driving force of the project, so instead of mass-produced consumer goods from abroad, visitors can see the works of Hungarian artists who create real value, such as the products of the VUUV Works craft community.

VALAMI Hazai | Web | Facebook | Instagram
VUUV Works | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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