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Sports fields in the heart of the city | TOP 5

For those who do not like to play sports between the four walls, but would rather move under the open sky with the pace of the city, it can always be a good solution to train in the local park, using its facilities. Fortunately, more and more cities are developing their parks, of which sports fields are now an integral and vital part. Here are five fields from five Eastern European countries that invite people to play sports while enlivening the city. 

Poznań, Poland

There is a brightly blue sports field among the foliage of the Jordanowski Park in Poznań. The field, which at first seems to be a single connected area, is actually a system divided into several different activities: the largest field is multifunctional, on the smaller one you can play basketball and floorball. It is all connected by a stretching, warm-up area that plays the role of the heart of the court.

Belgrade, Serbia 

The Belgrade Waterfront, built along the Sava River, is a large-scale urban development project aimed at building a new city center and an inviting international tourist destination. The park is full of playgrounds and sports fields, among other things.

Visual design of the park

Bucharest, Romania

The Poli Arena was initially attended by students from the Politehnica University of Bucharest, mainly during physical education classes. After classes, on weekends and holidays, anyone can step on the colorful court to train in a proper environment. Basketball, tennis, handball, badminton and football tennis can be played here on a modular, synthetic surface approved by international federations, and football on a FIFA-approved artificial turf.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

There are two exciting courses in Dubrovnik: one is close to the sea and belongs to a high school, and the city’s orange roofs are excitingly contrasted with its blue and green colors, and the other is closer to the main street. Due to the location of the latter, it is a world-famous and frequently photographed basketball court.

Budapest, Hungary

During the completion of the Liget Budapest Project, the spaces designed for sports also received special attention, as Városliget (City Park) is the target of many people when it comes to outdoor exercise. Of course, the renovation also means brand new pitches: the Városliget Mini Arena is a modern, artificial grass football pitch, which you can also book, but there is also a synthetic rubber-covered basketball court and other free-to-use sports fields in the new and modern Városliget.

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