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Stylish meeting of past and present | Apartment 1903

Located in the southwestern corner of Slovakia is the small town of Trnava with fabulous architectural monuments and an excellent wine region. This is where the new project of the Kilo / Honč architectural studio took place: a more than a hundred-year-old upper-middle-class apartment was converted for a young family. Here comes Apartment 1903!

The reconstruction of the nearly one hundred and twenty-year-old apartment was based on the use of geometric shapes. These forms are also reflected in the high ceilings, wall elements, furniture and floor.

The layout of the apartment spaces was inspired by the Baroque era, which the Kilo / Honč team consciously pays homage to, by ensuring the greatest possible crossing between the rooms, which fits the needs of the young family.

Photos: Matej Hakár / Kilo / Honč

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