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Tea party-inspired furniture

Bohinc Studio presented its nine-piece Afternoon Tea furniture collection which is the brand’s largest and most ambitious collection to date at this year’s London Design Festival. Slovenian-born designer Lara Bohinc is a master of deconstructing and reconfiguring pure geometric forms. This latest range is no different.

“The pandemic forced us all to spend more time at home, and I realized I wanted my pieces to make you feel loved, cocooned and happy. I also wanted to create pieces that look like they are good enough to eat. The collection’s name is an appreciation of the sweet comfort of an afternoon tea – happy, joyful and indulgent moments, a time when friends and family meet; an occasion very much missed in recent times,”‌ said Lara Bohinc.

Each piece of furniture was inspired by pastries and desserts: macarons, profiteroles and stylized adaptations of frosted desserts. They almost invite you to a cup of tea. The collection mostly features round shapes, with spheres and circles making a playful impression, which is then broken up by angular lines. True to the brand, materials also play an important role: soft-textured tapestries and stained wood contrast with the cooler touches of marble and metal. The dining chairs, armchairs, sofas, coffee and occasional tables create an overall warm and welcoming effect. They are part of a glamorous pastry shop and the warmth of home. The pieces are all handmade in the European and British studio workshops.

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Source: Designmilk

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