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The confusion caused by the inability to perceive in the mythical forests of Ivona Tau

In her recent work ‘Mythic Latent Glitches’, published on fxhash, Ivona Tau combines human and generative inputs in a reversed way: the artificial intelligence (AI) creates the organic elements, while the human hand makes artificial glitches.

What appears to be natural shapes are exclusively conceived by GAN (generative adversarial network—the Ed.), imagining the world through the lens of the photographer through the limited patterns fed into it. The role of the artist is also reversed: her aim is to design the visual destruction process of organic forms. The glitch is a failure of perception, symbolizing the confusion caused by the inability to perceive something.

The human fascination with metaphysical forces spans many centuries. While pagan mythology created gods living in dark, deep forests and unexplored territories, today we approach technology with similar awe, fascination, and fear.

The project was developed in several phases, starting with research into Lithuanian landscapes and ancient myths and legends. The aim of the photography was to capture the mystery of diverse experiences, unfolding over months and years. Then a custom, pre-trained artist’s GAN model was trained on a collection of hundreds of high-resolution photographs. Selected outputs were then curated by the artist and the result was used as the starting canvas for the next stage. A series of stochastic manipulations were then programmed to create alternative narratives through visual destruction. In an unpredictable way, driven by random variables and with boundaries created by the artist, the fog eventually turns into smoke, into a burning radioactive forest.

Ivona Tau is a Lithuanian AI artist and researcher using artificial intelligence as a medium of fine art. At the core of Ivona’s work lies the intersection of art and photography, new technologies, and machine learning. Her aim is to find and evoke emotions in the artificially intelligent tools, thus making them more human. She also explores inner emotional states through the collaboration of art and technology.

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