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The eternal fluidity of existence | The new collection of FAINA

On the day of midsummer, at the time of natural renewal, the Ukrainian FAINA presents a new collection every year. The latest series, called PLYN, pours the infinite fluidity of existence into the form of furniture and vases.

PLYN means flow in Ukrainian. The liquid forms, soft furniture and flowing vases of the new collection were inspired by water, which embodies plasticity and acceptance for the brand. “Today’s world demands flexibility from us. Like water, which can take on different forms without losing its essence, we must remain honest with ourselves and accept the raging flow of life.”

The eternal language of art was used in the design of the delicately flowing armchair and sofa. The strength of the huge blocks evokes the coastal rocks, whose hardness was softened by soft surfaces and feminine curves. The sentimental, sculptural vases in the collection reflect the wildness of the water that overflows the shore and takes many forms. Each piece is made by hand with an ancient Ukrainian technique called gutnytstvo, so each vase has a unique, live soul. Even two identical pieces are different—in thickness, shape, tone.

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