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The Hungarian pioneers of economically viable design | Position Collective & Concept

The renowned and internationally celebrated Position Collective brand engaged in lamp and interior design has recently unveiled a new sub-brand dubbed Position Concept. We asked the designers about the concept behind the innovation.

Established in 2010, the Position Collective brand is mainly tied to the names of furniture designer Attila Kertész and architect Bence Simonfalvi, with László Jónás being the operative mind behind the team. In the past years, they designed and distributed their own, private label furniture and designed custom furniture and interiors at the same time under the aegis of the brand. They have resellers in London, Paris, Dubai and Australia, they are regular participants of prestigious international fairs, and their clientele includes big names such as Google, Mercedes Benz, United Nations or Galeries Lafayette. Their interior design projects have been published by recognized media outlets like Architectural Digest, Frame or Wallpaper magazine. According to Bence, these various fields of activity caused a continuous confusion from the point of brand image. Looking at it from the outside, it wasn’t obvious whether they were a design studio or a furniture brand, so they had trouble positioning themselves.

Calling Position Concept to life was aimed at resolving this communication problem, with two more transparent brands that are clearly distinguishable yet are closely related to each other. This way, Position Collective became a brand distributing their private label products only, while Position Concept appears in the market as a service specializing in design and interior design. Of course the two share the same mindset: the combination of classic and contemporary shapes, timeless design with high-quality materials. The goal is to foster the establishment of a regional design sector well-functioning also from an economic point of view and keeping the Hungarian crafts traditions alive through diverse collaborations and by supporting local manufacturers. In the near future, for example, exciting joints projects with Hollóházi Porcelain and the Museum of Applied Arts can be expected.

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