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The innovation of a Polish startup creates calm office atmosphere

There are many stressful situations an average 21st-century employee must face every day, such as deadlines, quick meetings, ad hoc tasks, overtime and corporate hierarchy, just to name a few. In our fast-paced world, these challenges might seem impossible to face. Luckily, our focus today shifts more and more to mental health, so pet-friendly and alternative working environments are becoming common. Polish startup Enzo came up with a similar idea, and they created special meditative cabins to reduce the stress of everyday life.

Enzo is a modern interactive cabin, which allows employees to do short, but effective exercises, which relax and regenerate them. Placed in the office or community space, the cabin provides both physical and mental refreshment.

But how does work it in practice? Whether we’re in the middle of an important task or before a serious conference, instead of paying a quick visit to the café or the rooftop terrace nearby, we can choose from several programs in the cabin, all of them allowing relaxation and focus: Enzo is a well-designed space, where you are invited to do some exercises with an experienced instructor, in order to restore energy and regenerate.

Entering the cabin, we can choose from several exercises: from traditional methods dating back thousands of years to the latest fashions: eastern and western medicine, yoga, breathing exercises and meditation to help those in need. The aims of the exercises can also vary, whether they are relaxation, recreation or focusing on a specific task. Depending on your needs, you can work with your breathing, relax your shoulders, rest your eyes, or do movement exercises that increase your energy levels or ability to concentrate. Programs are systematically updated with new types of techniques and exercises, allowing everyone to find their favorite activities and routinely include in their lives the practices they need for mental health.

Enzo is both profitable for employers and employees, as well, as putting it simply, happy employees bring good business. Employees can quickly regenerate in case of exhaustion or lack of concentration, and they can acquire effective techniques which result in a healthy lifestyle, while employers raise the quality of the workplace and take care of the most important business element—the employees themselves. It’s fair to say that Enzo has a positive effect on both parties.

Enzo is a Lublin-based startup, which realized a unique idea with a common goal: “We created Enzo because we know that in a fast-paced, challenging world, many of us need a place to stop for a while and take care of ourselves. Not just during the holidays or at the weekend, but when we need it most—every day.”

The design remains natural, which also significantly contributes to a calm atmosphere. The shapes, wood-like materials and natural colors are based on the biophilic design principle, which is the result of a collaboration with Studio Rygalik. Thanks to its unique design, the cabin can also be an ornament of modern offices, transforming them into a place where people like to come every day.

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