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The most charming pedestrian streets in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Whether the city is an unfamiliar terrain or an old familiar one: exploring the city and your favorite streets is an unmissable program of travel—from studying local people and monuments to observing buildings and landscapes. Every city has a different atmosphere and ambiance—which is exactly why you can’t get tired of this activity. Today we give you a little guide on which pedestrian streets in Eastern Europe are worth visiting, which are super cozy and tell the story of that city if we walk with our eyes open. 

Stradun | Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik’s main street is an unmistakable 300-meter-long limestone pedestrian street built in the 13th century. In the quiet state of the street, it is eerily beautiful, and later full of crowds, a bustling, fun social life, providing the atmosphere with all kinds of bars and cafés.

Floriańska Street | Krakow, Poland

Floriańska Street is one of the most famous streets in Kraków’s Old Town. There are many famous monuments, typical old houses and other buildings on the street. The pedestrian street awaits sightseeing tourists with all kinds of shops, restaurants and cafés, craft beers.

Graben | Vienna, Austria 

Graben is one of Vienna’s busiest pedestrian streets, but here you can explore other beauties than just the shop windows: one of Vienna’s most famous and prominent statues, the Plague Column, a Baroque monument erected in 1693 to commemorate the plague. Besides, the buildings will not disappoint you either!

Karlova Street | Prague, Czech Republic

A popular route to reach Charles Bridge is to walk along Karlova Street. While the narrow little street is almost always crowded and there are mostly souvenir shops lined up one after the other, you can’t help but admit that the narrow and cozy street undoubtedly has the charm of time traveling for a while—after all, that’s why it’s so popular.

Szentendre | Pest, Hungary

Szentendre is a good choice for those who have already explored the bustling pedestrian streets of downtown Budapest, but could still fit in a day of walking. It would be difficult to choose only one street from the small streets of Szentendre, as there are many sights waiting for us in a small area. The main square has colorful houses and a unique atmosphere, while rainbow umbrellas and galleries hide in the cosy town on Bercsényi Street.

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