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The socialist architectural legacy of Odesa captured on an Instagram account

The @odessamodernism Instagram account presents the buildings, monuments and ornaments of the Soviet era from different parts of the Ukrainian seaside city of Odesa. Much of the city of Odesa was built during the Soviet Union in the second half of the 20th century. The account proves that this architectural style has much more to offer and that it is more interesting than just associating it with boring, gray panels.

Behind the Instagram page is an account curator @vozdukhokrain, whose interest in the Soviet-era architectural history of his hometown began with the discovery of 19th-century neoclassical architecture and then gradually unfolded. This is how he became interested in constructivism and then modernism.

The increasingly popular Instagram account also proves that there is a significant international interest in Soviet architecture, which can also be explained by the fact that time beautifies everything. One loves to romanticize—especially the legacies of passing ages, since according to @vozdukhokrain, many of Ukraine’s remaining architectural heritage and iconic mosaics will not stay on the surface for long because they will be demolished or rebuilt, no matter how popular the typical style and mood have been in recent years. Thus, the account became a monument to the passing architecture of Odesa, which captures the city from a different perspective.

Source: The Calvert Jurnal

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