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The success story of Highlights of Hungary goes on

The Highlights of Hungary initiative continues with a new boost, joined by the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), which operates as a talent management institution. The MCC will establish the Young Talent Special Award as well, which the chosen young person will receive at the next awards gala in February.

Highlights of Hungary awards the best Hungarian creative achievements every year, without categories. True to their traditions, this year again a team of ten ambassadors will help compile the current list of candidates, including Norbert Bagossy, a Fonogram-winning musician-singer, world and European, national champion Viktor Nagy, and television presenter Vivien Mádai. The ambassadors of the non-profit initiative nominate excellences from the Carpathian Basin for two awards: one is the ambassador award, the other is the audience award, and now there is the special award of MCC.

“The presentation of an outstanding performance can inspire other young people as well, so we consider it especially important to participate in the Highlights of Hungary by founding our own special award. In addition, the MCC community, a medium that is particularly open to excellence, can provide feedback. In addition to establishing the Young Talent Award, we are helping the initiative in other areas, such as promoting the program to encourage better performance at joint events. In this way, the MCC community can get to know the ambassadors and winners of Highlights of Hungary better,” said Zoltán Szalai, managing director of MCC.

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