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The unforgettable interior design marvels of Ukraine: Virgin Izakaya Bar Odessa

We can’t stop thinking about Ukraine. We usually write about the projects of talented designers, but now everything seems to have lost its meaning. We trust that this is not the case, so we would like to show as much of our solidarity as we can by presenting the works that are now in danger. This time we will highlight the Yodezeen architecture office in Kyiv: the founders Artem Zverev and Artur Sharf are looking for unique styles and architectural solutions in every project—just like during the designing of the second Virgin Izakaya Bar. The Japanese restaurant opened in Odessa after the one in Kyiv in 2021.

The renovation followed the principles of Japanese aesthetics while preserving the values of the protected historic building that gives home to the restaurant. Built in 1900, it has three floors with a space of 560 square meters, including an open kitchen, a banquet room and even a secret room.

They used natural materials and were inspired by the atmosphere of Japanese nightlife. As a result, the interior is dominated by the traditional red color, the unlacquered wood, the uncovered concrete and, of course, the characteristic Japanese decorative elements. The secret room, that is the hidden lounge of the bar, is accessed by black marble stairs.

The toilets are decorated with artificially aged mirrors, stone sinks and metal bars. The metal itself and the metal mesh covering the various points of the restaurant perform the function of decoration and spatial arrangement at the same time.

Photos: Andrii Shurpenkov

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Source: ArchDaily

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