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This app makes it easy to find the perfect eyewear

British eyewear brand Cubitts has developed an app that makes it easy to find the right frame for your face shape.

Stores and online shops do not have precise recommendations on the size of glasses, customers usually choose a model after randomly trying on different ones, with problems likely to arise later, during active use.

The Cubitts app uses the iPhone’s camera to 3D scan your face and then recommends glasses from the brand based on its dimensions. According to company founder Tom Broughton, the technology could revolutionise the eyewear shopping process in the future.

The app works with the so-called HERU technology developed by the Cubitts team, which is based on the specifics of the TrueDepth camera (the same system used by Apple Face ID). According to the brand, the technology could also be a major contribution to personalised eyewear frame design.

The app will be available to the general public from September 2021.

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