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Turning a neglected underpass into an outdoor sports park

The Czech U/U studio has set out to revitalize the neglected underpasses of Prague’s Vltavská metro station: the once no-go area will have a chance to reborn as a vibrant and barrier-free meeting spot. Featuring a skating arena, basketball courts, a café with an amphitheater, new concrete floors, murals and all-day lighting, the project, called V7_underground, will function as a safe, family-friendly park for all. To the studios surprise, the space has already gained heavy success even before its official opening.

Along the triple-axis of sports, music, and visual arts, the U/U studio team has envisioned a leisure park that will attract a wide range of residents and visitors to a place where no one wants to go or is afraid to go. Vltavská Street is one of Prague’s most important nodes, but its external effects, such as noise and smog, make it a highly congested area. To compensate for this, the design team has proposed the introduction of sports activities that do not require complex and expensive infrastructure. “We are discovering dead spots in the city and looking for their hidden potential. We never wanted to demolish and build new solutions. We rely on low costs and fine-tuning,” explained the architects.

Source: designboom

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