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Ukrainian spots from our bucket list

Ukrainian interior design is just as prominent in the international scene as Ukrainian fashion. It’s hip, sophisticated, yet daring; it breaks up with minimalist trends, but doesn’t go overboard. With a perfect sense of proportion, it straddles the line between exciting details and overall harmony. Though we can’t be sure of their current state, we made a bucket list of places we’d definitely revisit in Ukraine given the chance. Here’s a list of an untraditional beauty salon, a pizza place and a coffee station.

Say No Mo Beauty Salon | balbek bureau

Say No Mo is a conceptually new format of a beauty salon in Kyiv. As of the beginning of the design process, Balbek Bureau avoided gender stereotypes traditional in beauty salons and deliberately created a gender-neutral atmosphere. The “heart” of the salon is the cocktail bar, which is used for beauty services and standing receptions. The “broken” arch of cast concrete, weighing hundreds of kilograms, serves as a metaphor of the dark side of cosmetic industry.

Pizzeria Pomidoros BT | Paliychuk Olga Design

The urban style pizzeria is located in a Ukrainian town, Bila Tserkva. Natural colors and textures have been used to make the rustic space more welcoming. The color palette of the project is quite simple—grey walls, ochre tiles, bare steel and red granite from the region. 

YOD Group | DOT Coffee Station

The interior design of the coffee station is a reflection on the modern urban lifestyle. The mosaic of astonishing pixel artwork and the atmosphere of the installation are openly designed to stimulate the visitor not only by the caffeine, but also by the overall visual effect. The location is in downtown Kyiv, where in peacetime, different dimensions of local life intersect: people on their way to nearby office buildings, the city’s largest market, the Museum of Modern Art and tourists passing through.

The YOD Group, responsible for the interior design, has therefore imagined each guest as a pixel, an element of Kyiv’s exciting puzzle.

Balbek Bureau | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Paliychuk Olga Design | Facebook | Instagram

YOD Group | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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