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When a tile becomes erotic

French artist AmiKarla Sutra’s creations of amorous figures exude the exuberance of carefree, hot summers, being both bewildering and liberating. Her street art tiles can be seen around the world, in Paris, Tokyo, Florence and Lisbon.

Karla is a real traveler: she was born in Paris, studied in the South of France, and then returned to the French capital to study fashion design, followed by a period in New York and a trip around the world. Her project Karla Sutra, created in 2016, draws inspiration from her diverse journeys and different cultural influences: Mediterranean architecture, modern art, Japanese hentai, and Kama Sutra are all important references for her.

Karla aims to evoke a surprising and intimate effect on the viewer by depicting sensuality and sensual illusions based on the visual rhythm of the wall ceramics. “Sensuality for me is an expression of desire. Desire for life, for letting go and for encounters. It can be reflected in gestures, between bodies, through gazes, or it can even linger within us. Sensuality is an expression of this strong, uncontrollable feeling,” she told us.

The project started with a street art approach, as Karla is convinced that people are in desperate need to reconnect with sensuality. Thanks to the outdoor medium, a wide range of people can encounter her artworks on the streets of different cities, taking a break from the everyday routine.

Karla later learned the art of ceramics and also designed a collection of dishes. Thanks to this new medium, she became increasingly aware of the sensual nature of our relationship with food. This is where the idea of handcrafted ceramic dinnerware came from, for which she also collaborated with restaurants. Her favorite project was a collection of bowls for Social Food. Beyond all this, Karla’s work also appears on silk scarves, with many new collaborations and mediums in store for the future.

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