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Wind-powered street lamp | PAPILIO

Light pollution and ever-increasing energy consumption are placing a growing burden on our environment and on us, too. The PAPILIO, dreamed up by Tobias Trübenbacher, is a climate-neutral street lamp concept that opens new doors to the future of public lighting with its insect-friendly light and self power supply.

Berlin-based designer Tobias Trübenbacher rethought how street lamps work: he found a solution where the lamps produce their own energy as wind turbines and only turn on when they are really needed.

Named PAPILIO, the concept is based on sustainability, aesthetic look and practicality. Compact and easy-to-assemble luminaires point to a more organic future, where the objects around us also work in harmony with the environment, and the static perception of objects is replaced by dynamism.

Photos: Tobias Trübenbacher

Tobias Trübenbacher | Web | Instagram | Vimeo

Source: www.label-magazine.com

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