How to choose flowers for Valentine’s Day | TOP5

How to choose flowers for Valentine’s Day | TOP5

Having trouble choosing the right flower? Do you know the meanings of different flowers? From the most exceptional flower shops in Eastern Europe, let us show you some wonderful compositions that will certainly make the recipient smile. Let the day of love be about love and happiness!

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

Sasplant Flower Salon | Hungary


Rose is known as the most popular flower in the world because of its shape and variety of colors. The rose’s charm is often associated with love, being a universal symbol of love and making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. In fact, you can give a rose any time you want to express your love without words, no matter the date or the occansion!


Hydrangeas are distinguished by their huge globes of tiny flowers. They used to be available only in blue or white, but nowadays there is a wide range of vibrant hydrangea hybrids on the market.

Květinářství Voňka | Czechia


As for the gerbera, the Egyptians firmly believed it symbolized closeness to nature and devotion to the Sun, while the Celts believed it reduced the sorrow and stress of everyday life. In general, gerberas represent innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and faithful love. As they are native to South Africa, and indeed the whole of Africa, these flowers are also known as African daisies.

Németh Attila Florist | Hungary


Orchids symbolize thoughtfulness, sophistication, beauty, and love, making them the perfect flower to celebrate all of life’s precious moments. Orchids were thought to be difficult to grow, thus increasing the belief in their attractiveness. They can be an unrivaled choice for potted flowers, adding a wonderful color to the home of your significant other.


The name ‘lily’ is derived from the Old English ‘lilie’ and the Latin ‘lilium’. This term has been adopted by almost all cultures over time. But what does lily mean? Each variety of lily has a special meaning, representing purity and fertility, and its flower is associated with new life and rebirth because of its delicate and innocent beauty.

Kwiaciarnia "W te pędy" | Poland


Buttercup is an extremely beautiful flower. The ranunculus, symbolizing charm, is a way to let someone know how charmed you are. These stunningly gorgeous flowers are available in a variety of colors and are among the most romantic gifts.

Rozariy | Ukraine


Incredibly, tulips, with their appearance and colors, tell us that ‘spring is here!’ They are one of the most popular flowers to offer because they are simple yet charming, fragrant, and wonderfully colorful. Originating in the Tien Shan Mountains, tulips were first cultivated by the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century. Its meaning is linked to perfect, deep love and bonding.

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