From rocket monkey bars to Wichmann pub | Here are the new HYPE prints!

From rocket monkey bars to Wichmann pub | Here are the new HYPE prints!

The kitten and rocket monkey bars known from the playgrounds of the old times, the colorful tiles of the M3 metro stations and a Budapest roadmap of the eighties all come alive on the unique prints of HYPEANDHYPER. Now the exciting prints are presented by creative city lovers including fashion designer Dóri Tomcsányi, journalist Miklós Vincze, the editor of the popular Instagram feed grofjardanhazy, or Telep Gallery founder Levente Trellay.

In our brand new campaign, we call attention to the creatives of Budapest, the capital pulsating around us, and the hidden treasures of the historical heritage living with us – in the form of posters. The prints have been designed by László Bárdos, the founder and art director of HYPEANDHYPER, who have been delighting the audience of HYPEANDHYPER with countless exciting illustrations for years now.

Levente Trellay – Hungarian camping

“Initially the posters also served as illustrations for interesting articles. We received a lot of positive feedback from the audience after they were published: the readers almost always asked me where they could purchase the given poster. We couldn’t satisfy this need at the time, but with the launch of HYPE STORE, anyone can grab the print they like whenever and wherever” – says the graphic designer.

Dóri Tomcsányi  – M3/Colors

As part of our new campaign, the audience can also get to know the ambassadors presenting the HYPE prints a little better. “We love Budapest and the creatives living in it who make the capital cool and loveable. We knew right away that we wanted to see people on the campaign photos who are authentic and lovable themselves, and who are fond of this urban and diverse milieu the same way as we are” – says project manager Kitti Mayer, a member of HYPEANDHYPER’s editorial staff.

László Brunszkó  – Wild boars

The ambassadors invited include Forbes journalist László Bagi, illustrator László Brunszkó, the former graffiti artist known as Nikon One, Janka Schwertner, the founder of design brand Pici and the city for urban babies, journalist Vincze Miklós, the editor of the Instagram profile grofjardanhazy, Dóri Tomcsányi, the designer of fashion brand TOMCSANYI, and Levente Trellay participating in countless Hungarian projects, the founder of Telep Gallery.

Miklós Vincze  – Budapest roadmap

The six of them present a chosen poster on the streets of Budapest: Dóri Tomcsányi, for example, poses near Semmelweis Klinikák metro station with her M3 metro poster, Levente Trellay and the “Hungarian camping” print was captured in a likewise authentic location, in the idyllic environment of Niche Camping in Zugliget.

Janka Schwertner  – This is how we played

For László Bagi, the Wichmann print was an obvious choice. „Even though it wasn’t one of my regular spots, I still have many memories of Wichmann. The slightly euphemistic name ’beer pub” hid a true pub, which became a legend just like its founder. Behind the quite mysterious yellow hammered glass, there was a closed place in a time and space anomaly, with endless beer smell, liberal arts students holding quiz nights, and friendly beer nights accompanied by cutlet sandwiches” – tells the journalist and urban historian.

László Bagi – Wichmann pub

In addition to the prints chosen by the ambassadors, you can also browse between more exciting prints at HYPE STORE: besides the iconic Wichmann pub, unavoidable themes including the Kelenföld bus garage celebrating its 71st birthday this year, or the flood of 2013 also come to life, but you can also see the heroes of the revolution of 1848/49 posing as cover stars, while the “Our troops are fighting” print puts the events of 1956 in a new visual perspective.

The posters can be preordered for a discounted price until July 27 at

Ambassadors and prints (click on the poster’s name and head to the online store right away!):

László BagiWichmann pub

László Brunszkó Wild boars

Janka Schwertner This is how we played

Dóri Tomcsányi M3/Colors

Levente TrellayHungarian camping

Miklós Vincze Budapest roadmap

The highlighted prints and additional posters are available in HYPE STORE.

Campaign photos: Milán Rácmolnár

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