From the Nutcracker to a walk through the forest | Hype&Hyper Xmas program guide

From the Nutcracker to a walk through the forest | Hype&Hyper Xmas program guide

At the end of December, we’re all somewhere between the mad rush and the almost obligatory slowing down, but thankfully this is also the time to finally take some time for family, friends and, not least, ourselves. The Hype&Hyper team has brought you some activities to get you in the mood for the holidays, relax and, of course, gain new experiences!

Mulled wine and handcrafted gifts

The days leading up to the holidays are often hectic and busy, which is why buying presents is sometimes left to the last minute. Fortunately, you can still opt for special handmade surprises, as even in the last days before Christmas Eve you can visit Christmas fairs such as the MOME Fair on 21 December, where you can choose from the work of more than 50 design students. In addition to prints, jewelry, ceramics, accessories and clothes, you can also enjoy mulled wine and enter a raffle!

Anna Szilágyi

Departure: Your place of residence.

Destination: The nearest forest.

Clothing: Layered

You can call it a mindfulness exercise, Nordic walking, shinrin-yoku (or ’forest bathing’ as the fancy name goes), or simply a walk through the forest, the point is to let go of your winter nest, escape the mind-numbing tech noise and massage your soul with the goodness of nature instead of the buzz of the city. Evergreens are the superheroes of the winter forest. Not only do they color the landscape, but they also infuse the air with subtle aromas and natural immune-boosting essential oils. There you have it, aromatherapy! By the way, surprising as it may seem, even your eyes are thirsty for winter woods. You’ll find that as soon as you lift your head from your mobile-laptop-Netflix holy trinity and leave your dry heated air-filled micro-universe, your eyes will perk up too! And then there’s the meditative crunch of untouched snow (fingers crossed it falls!), or a good old-fashioned sauna to melt away all the sadness of the home office.

Dóra Szefcsik

A walk on Andrássy Avenue

For me, a walk downtown with a delicious coffee in hand is always the most relaxing. It’s no different at Christmas, even more so! Budapest’s most beautiful streets are lit up in fairytale lights, including Andrássy Avenue, which wears its festive decorations with the utmost elegance. And you can combine a stroll along the avenue with a gift hunt—Írók Boltja (Writers’ Shop) is a perennial favorite, and the heavenly coffee is best served at Flow.

Lilla Bényi

When it comes to Christmas, the Nutcracker is a must!

Along with the Christmas lights, the overpowering smell of cinnamon and mountains of the Hungarian “bejgli”, I think the festive season is all about magic. And what could be more magical than a story that mixes dream and reality? The beautiful music by Tchaikovsky, the ballet dancers and the wonderful scenery at the Erkel Theatre will make you want to escape from everyday life for a few hours. It can be a great program between the two holidays, and it also makes a great gift!

Réka Kovács-Vass

Lake Velence in winter

For many people, the wooden camps and holiday resorts of Lake Velence are a summer memory of their youth, which is why it is much less common to visit one of Hungary’s little jewels in the winter. Yet the area still offers beauty in winter, only in a different way to the warmer seasons. Put on a thick coat and take a short hike between Sukoró and Nadap, lunch at the Otthonka restaurant in Velence, followed by a lakeside walk and a good pastry at one of the cafés on the south shore. If you have a dog, put him on a leash and don’t leave him out of the treats!

Barnabás Heincz

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