Last minute gift ideas, selected from Hungarian brands

Last minute gift ideas, selected from Hungarian brands

We have arrived for the long-awaited Christmas week, so all that is left is to tune in to the holidays and bustle in the kitchen, as the gifts are already hidden in the closet. Or maybe not? December is the month when time passes differently, it simply flies unnoticed, so we may not be able to get the presents in time, or we may forget about friends we also want to give gifts. There is nothing to worry about because today, we have brought together a selection of Hungarian products that can help with one or two more gift ideas.

To be more organized | DOT for you

This is not the first time we have recommended Dot for you products, but we are just as passionate about good quality paper products as many others. That’s exactly why a nice 2022 diary can always be a good gift, especially since a new year is about to start, so it doesn’t hurt to make a fresh start with clear thoughts!

For lovers of ceramics | Rebu Ceramics

Rebeka Rácz’s ceramics exist on a higher level of creativity. They are colorful, interesting, amazingly decorative and even functional. If you have someone in your family who dies for insanely colored objects or is just a dedicated mug collector (totally understandable), this can be more than a good gift.

A nice bag… | Kamay Ko

Because a fanny pack can be cool! The Kamay Ko fanny packs are available in several colors, cord and leather variations. This can be a good gift not only for a bag lover but also for someone who loves practical and comfortable pieces.

Because candles are never enough | Greenway Candle

If it’s winter, it’s lights and candles; if it’s December, it’s an infinite amount of candles. The Greenway candles are environmentally friendly, both in terms of their ingredients and packaging. You will find the Christmas scents in them and they will definitely bring the festive atmosphere into your home.

For evenings at home | Kirakós Budapest

If you want to relax and love jigsaw puzzles, this Hungarian product is an almost obligatory piece for you, which you can also enjoy with your friends. Plus, by buying jigsaw puzzles, you also directly support enthusiastic artists.

Glitter for the holidays | Franciska Németh

The best attributive for Franciska’s jewelry is angelic. Jewelry with different shell shapes is simple, yet they have a special twist in them and are guaranteed to enliven any party set. Accessories can be found at The Garden Studio & Café.

Graphic beauties | LUNAR studio

Luckily, LUNAR studio has several pieces of gifts that almost anyone would be happy with. For example, you can even get their wonderful 2022 diary until Christmas, even on Tuesday at the Turbina Cultural Center.

Something sweet | Harlequin Chocolates

You can say anything, but a good bar of chocolate is always a good gift. Especially if the quality is like Harlequin chocolates. Eye-catching candies and unique chocolates are made after a lot of experimentation to make the end result a real experience.

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Rebu Ceramics | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Kamay Ko | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Greenway Candle | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Kirakós Budapest | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Franciska Németh | Facebook | Instagram
LUNAR studio | Facebook | Instagram
Harlequin Chocolates | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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