Gorgeous staircases | TOP 5

Gorgeous staircases | TOP 5

There is something mystical and mysterious about spiral staircases towering high: where do they lead? How high do they take us? Their architectural solutions represent an exciting and questionable field. There are staircases that prove that it is worth exploring these mysterious stairs instead of using the elevator: we have brought the most exciting ones of them from Eastern Europe.

Nebotičnik | Ljubljana, Slovenia

In the skyscraper, completed in 1933, tasteful art deco spiral stairs lead us high. The building is the first skyscraper in Slovenia and currently the sixth tallest building—as well as one of the most earthquake-proof houses in Ljubljana.

Photos: Tom Mrazek, Andrej Trnkoczy

Spiral staircase in a modern office building | Poznań, Poland

The Polish Okrąglak was built between 1948 and 1954 according to the plans of the outstanding Polish architect Marek Leyman. The office building is a gem of Polish modernism and one of the symbols of Poznań, and its staircase is dizzying and captivating.

Photos: Przemysław Krzyszczuk, MateoPoznań

Baroque spiral staircase in the Melk Abbey | Melk, Austria

The abbey is the largest building of its kind of the Austrian Baroque, and its spiral staircase faithfully has a huge impact with its magnificent colors. We reach the church via the spectacular stairs.

Photos: Hallie Jo, István Tóth

Dunapark houses | Budapest, Hungary

The architects Béla Hofstätter and Ferenc Domány are the renovators of the tenement houses and the creators of many of the defining structures of modern architecture. The Dunapark House and the unforgettable sky-blue staircase belonging to it are also connected to their names. The revolutionary residential house, built between 1935-36, which is special in many respects, is completely before its time, and its staircase is truly unique to this day.

Photo: Kata Major

Emerald staircase | Poland

This Polish building also fits the list of staircases in bright and unusual colors, because here, the whole staircase is really covered in this characteristic green color—both the walls and the wrought-iron railing with a romantic atmosphere.

Photos: Ricardo Liberato, Jan Ronald Crans