HIGHLIGHTS | About adults for children

HIGHLIGHTS | About adults for children

We often hear that our modern society is overly child-centered, serving children and putting them in the center. Sure, having children and improving children’s conditions have never been such socially sensitive topics as they are today, but this need is entirely natural and, anyway, better than the opposite. In our current project selection, we also focus on children.

A child is inquisitive, agile, giddy, and colorful. They live their daily life with amazing intensity, which is often tiring for adults, even though it is nothing more than a learning process. This is aided by a number of toys, storybooks, cartoons and accessories that provide a safe environment for future generations to understand and accept the functioning of our society and the norms of our communities.

Among adults, we can observe countless times that childhood is treated in a separate context, as if, like a religious or national ethnicity, children are a separate unit of society. However, this aspect is wrong. Although children in many cases need different things, approaches, all adults were children, so no child can be separated from adult society. And children are not silly little people from whom more complex information should be hidden, but rather they should be shown the adult functioning of things with a different language and toolbox.

In this way, it becomes clear that childhood is not a separate social component, but the basis of all unity, which, due to its pure innocence and openness, connects the divided human community. Today, fortunately, we can easily find the creative tools needed for children to discover the optimal language and toolbox on store shelves. Here are some examples of these from Spain to Hungary!


Big Little Fun | Madrid, Spain
María Carmona Día


Throw Pillow | Beijing, China
Chang Wu


Mole | Istanbul, Turkey
Cihan Peçenek


lefleo* more than toys | Krakow, Poland
Michalina Rolnik


YKRA Kids | Budapest, Hungary
Ivett Lénárt

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