HIGHLIGHTS | Carefree objects

HIGHLIGHTS | Carefree objects

The objects chosen for our daily work must (also) meet a strict set of criteria. We consider a laptop a long-term investment, which we don’t buy while in a rush (at best): we purchase the selected product after careful consideration, trusting that it will serve us every day.

We choose objects dedicated for relaxation and recharging in a similar way, yet we are connected to these devices somewhat differently. The turntable or camera bought in hope of having a good time many times also symbolize a resolution of some sort: a promise to ourselves that from now on, we’ll dedicate more time to recharging. The same as with many other vows, we tend to break these easily too: we only dust off the once glistening camera when cleaning our apartments, and the turntable also remains quiet.

We also look at recreational objects differently because (if we’re lucky), they remind us of pleasant experiences: we not only love a suitcase used for a long awaited trip because it can fit every important thing comfortably, but also because it makes us think of the salty scent of the sea, the serenity of the forest or the pulsating vibe of the previously unknown city. Quality is a basic requirement in this case, too, as there’s no good user experience without it: who would want to read in an uncomfortable armchair for hours, or say goodbye to widescreen cinema experience at home within the four walls? Recharging and relaxation manifests in different objects for everyone – let’s see some options from Oxford to Buenos Aires.

Kitti Mayer
design theorist


Paravel | Aviator | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Manuel Frontini
n-others design
Ignacio Loncon
Ale Sarra


Ray | Seoul, South Korea
Taekwon Yeon


MANUVA | Oxford, United Kingdom
Hugo Martin (WMP)
Robert Moore
Jacob Griffiths


Shinola Runwell Turntable | San Francisco, USA
Astro Studios
Brett Lovelady


Balenciaga Film Camera Filter | Seoul, South Korea
DongJae Koo

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