HIGHLIGHTS | Clean slate

HIGHLIGHTS | Clean slate

New year, new beginnings. We leave the troubles and fights of the old year behind, we put down the burdens of 2020, take a big breath and set new tasks and goals for the new year—we hang a new and clean calendar on our walls.

At the beginning of the calendar year, we have a much more positive attitude, we look to the unknown with hope and say: “everything will be better this year”. Twelve months come again—winter, spring, summer, fall, winter—, the usual rhythm and system, yet we are still different than a year ago. If we are lucky, we learned from the mistakes of the previous year, we learned to draw the conclusions and our backpacks are filled with firm determinations instead of empty promises for the year 2021.

The wall calendars used in the old year are replaced by new ones, we put the old ones away as memories, or throw them to waste (“Bye 2020, don’t ever come back”). To avoid this, Hungarian DE_FORM studio released a special calendar for 2021: if the month comes to an end, we can fold it into a penguin, a fox or a paper boat. Now we brought you creative and decorative solutions like this for the beginning of the year, from Budapest to Saint Petersburg.

Kitti Mayer
design theorist

Mythological calendar | Vilnius, Lithuania
Laurynas Kamarauskas

The calendar of the museum of urban transportation | Russia
Anastasiya Buryakova

Yoga calendar | Berlin, Germany
| tankataka |

TYPORIGAMI calendar | Budapest, Hungary
de_form studio
Bertalan Bessenyey
Sára Vilma Nagy
Benedek Takács
Enikő Déri
Nóra Demeczky

Northern Calendar | Saint Petersburg, Russia
Anna and Varvara Kendel

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